Three Way Connection

Psychic, Intuitive and Mediumistic Readings

During a Psychic, Intuitive and Mediumistic Reading:

A reading brings you information in a variety of forms. On occasions several pieces of evidence are given, such as; memories, who the person was, a description of the person, their personality, their character, they may also provide names, places and ailments, it’s unlimited.

In some instances oracle cards are used. (An additional helping hand from the Angels, Unicorns or other cards, when the time feels right).

For specific oracle card readings, the sitter has the choice of which pack they would like to use (still working with Spirit). Additionally I have been known to work with the swan feathers.​

Messages can be from Angels, Guides, Inspirers, your family or friends past and present, who also wish to bring spiritual guidance to you.

There are times when a person feels they urgently require a reading as they embark on their own healing journey. With the help of Spirit communication and the guidance of our ‘Spirit friends’ to bring the clarity and reassurance that they may need to move forward. It is a privilege to be a medium.


Holistic Therapies

Reiki: An ancient hands on healing art created by Dr. Mikao Usui originating in Japan and uses symbols to aid the channelling of universal life energy. 

This energy when harnessed helps to boost your energy systems, helping and promoting self healing those suffering from emotional or mental stress, in addition can help to remove blockages from your life as well as can be focused on any particular problem areas.

Spiritual Healing: A completely natural process which allows a beneficial flow of energy between the Healer and client. By the transference of natural energies from the essence of nature itself; at it’s deepest level thus freeing your natural resources to work in the most effective way for you to heal.

By applying a light touch or alternatively holding my hands above your body; you are naturally dealing with any discomfort (dis-ease) at it’s deepest level. Whilst re-energising your body’s own immune system to work in the most effective way at its own pace, in its own way and for you.

Reiki and Spiritual Healing are different energies from one another, however are both powerful and gentle.

Healing and can aid in the relief of the following:

  • Promotes natural self-healing

  • Balance the energies in the body

  •  Strengthens the immune system

  •  Can assist the relief of pain

  • Relaxes and reduces stress

  •  Aids positive thinking 

Either therapy needs to be experienced to be fully appreciated. 

Numerous people have found that they have been pleasantly surprised in receiving a greater benefit than they were initially expecting, especially where they were originally uncertain as to the possible effectiveness of either therapy.

Couch treatment. An explanation prior to treatment will be explained. (Spiritual healing can be given whilst seated; clients generally find themselves more relaxed on the couch). Usually the removal of coats and shoes are required. 

Both therapies are non-invasive with treating a client as a whole. Clients experience a variety of sensations, perhaps warmth or coolness, tingling and pressure as the energy goes to work.


About me

From my teenage years I knew things, which is known as ‘knowing’ and never really understood it back then. In the late 80’s and early 90’s I decided to explore and develop my mental mediumship including sensing, feeling,

seeing, hearing,and smelling.

I started training with the SNU as a trainee healer and after some time I decided to switch and become a student with the ‘National Federation of Spiritual Healers’ (now known as ‘The Healing Trust’) back in 1998. In the year 2000 I attended the NFSH Development Courses and in 2002 I was accepted and became a Healer Member of this organisation.

In 2007 I obtained my Reiki level I, March 2008 my Reiki level II and became a Reiki Master in August 2014.

On occasions and over the past 10 years I have attended ‘The Arthur Findlay College’ to enhance my mediumistic skills.

In my teens, I experienced within my mind a framed picture (portrait) of a gentleman dressed in a dark suit jacket and wearing a trilby hat coming towards me. Over the next few weeks the framed picture was getting closer. At the time,
I thought how strange, nevertheless, I knew I was going to meet this man. I didn't know how, why, when or under
what circumstances.

I was a regular visitor to Penny’s grandmother’s home. Penny being a school friend at the time. She asked me to accompany her on a Sunday, I’d never been on a Sunday before, so I went. After being there a while, we sat in the kitchen as usual, Penny’s grandfather entered the kitchen and I fell off the chair onto the floor, and apparently my skin tone became rather pale in complexion. Penny’s grandfather was the gentleman in the framed picture that I had been seeing. After I got over the shock, I was excited and wanted to share my experience with them, which I did. 


Reading Testimonials

What They’re Saying


I found my reading enlightening and energising. Everything SUSAN SAID MADE complete sense. I have had answers to some questions and enjoyed it very much. I believe SUSAN to be very gifted AND it was a pleasure to meet her.


Healing Testimonials

What They’re Saying


I first met Susan after my father had passed away with lung cancer. He was
convinced the healing he received had very much prolonged his life.
He kept telling me of the good that Susan had done for him and could not
speak too highly of her. It was strange in a way, as he started out as a
non-believer, and I, who had never had any experience of healing, was the
one who suggested it.

I went to see Susan to thank her for all she had done for my father and to cut
a long story short began having healing sessions myself. (I have a few medical
problems). After several sessions, I have developed the greatest respect for
Susan as a person and as a very strong healer.

Her healing is very powerful and has really made a difference to me both
physically and mentally, in fact has made a real difference to my life.

As a person, Susan as well as being professional and a person of high integrity, has a really good sense of humour and can put people at their ease quite readily. You know she cares for people. I cannot thank her enough for all she has done for my family and myself. And it is a privilege to know her. 

Colin P


Reiki or Spiritual Healing


(up to 45 minutes)


Psychic, Intuitive and
Mediumistic Readings


 (up to 45 minutes)

All my readings are either

Face-to-Face, on the Phone or via Skype. 

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Group Bookings

£40 person (3-6 people)

The organiser of the group receives a discounted reading.


Gift Vouchers

valid for three months


‘Lead by Spirit’
and given
‘From the Heart’

Susan Forwood


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